Server Maintenance Informations

2011/07/08 AK-Cam's server(auth and payment) will be stoped by maintenances. DURATION:15:00-18:00(Japan Time). Finished.
2011/07/15 - 3:40 Maintenances because of changing the IP. Finished
2011/07/15 - 13:22 Payment processes and license authorization processes had been stopped by server problems. But recovered. Sorry for these issues.
2011/07/16 Payment server and authorization server will be stopped for maintenances. Duration [11:00-15:00](plan) Finished.


AK-Cam's computer vision functionalities

  • Face Tracking:[step1]Prepare at least two captured frames then  one has at least one human face. [step2]Right click on a captured frame that has the human face then you will see the the frame attribute dialog and enable the "Face Track Target" check-box. [step3]Right click on an other frame then you will see the frame attribute dialog and enable the "Mask of a detected face" check-box. This frame is called "Mask Frame". [step4]Left click on a mask frame to move forward this frame. [step5]Move your face and check the result. [NOTE]The face detect target frame should be on the bottom of the rendering order.
  • Vision Mouse:The vision mouse is a mouse that uses the marker as the pointer that has the significant color(e.g. green). The AK-Cam's vision mouse will detect this marker's tilt and position then uses these informations to manipulates frames on the AK-Cam's view. [step1]Prepare at least two captured frames then at least one has the marker image in this frame. This frame is called "Vision Mouse Master". [step2]Select the vision mouse master and enable the "Vision Mouse Master" check-box on the setting dialog attached in the right of the view. Then vision mouse master frame can manipulate the vision mouse using the marker. The vision mouse master will be the bottom of the rendering order automatically. [step3]Select the "Move" edit-mode and overlap an other frame to the vision mouse master. [step4]Select the "VisionMouse" edit-mode and cut out the marker region on the vision mouse master by dragging on the vision mouse master. If the marker has the significant color on the image of this frame, the green rectangle will converges toward the marker and then you succeeded in preparing the vision mouse.  The center point of this rectangle is the "hot spot" of the vision mouse. [step5]Move the marker on a overlapped other frame and roll or pitch the marker and check the hot-spot color. If the green hot-spot appears then the vision mouse in the "click" state. Roll or pitch the marker to get the "click" state. If the white hot-spot appears then the vision mouse in the "hover" state. Set the marker to the initial orientation. If you want to drag with the vision mouse, move the marker with "click" state then hot-spot will be "red". Red hot-spot represents "drag" state. You can drag other frames with this state.

Update Informations

Version 1.14β-Processing speed improved.
-Driver reload button added.

Version 1.13β
-UI behaviours had been changed.
--The wipe attribute details dialog's position from the wipe attribute details button.

Version 1.12β
-Bugfix:Vision Mouse behaviour.
-Bugfix:Image file manipulations on a popup dialog of frames.
-Image file manipulations had been modified.

Version 1.11β
-Bugfix:Crush had occurred with no frame regions.

Version 1.1β
-Computer vision functionalities
-Vision mouse(use fingers and color papers as the mouse).
-Face tracking and masking.
-Authentication Server Changed
-Older version of the ak-cam's authentication is invalidated. Please use the latest version of the ak-cam.

Version bug-fix
-Smoothing proccess had fixed when image files have inserted.

Version 1.0.4 released
-Speed increased
-Smoothing algorithms changed
Recommended Quality:High
-FPS has been modifiable
Frames will be rendered in realtime when frames manipulating.

Version 1.0.3 released.
-A guide text added on the capture mode screen.

Version 1.0.2 released.
-Idling image changed.


AK-Cam Version1.0.4 released

This is a minor update.
  • Speed increased
  • FPS has been modifiable
  • Smoothing algorithms changed
  • Some changes of the AK-Cam's UI


The Ustream's 16:9 aspect ratio and the AK-Cam

Use 4:3 aspect ratio in the AK-Cam with the Ustream's 16:9 settings because the Ustream's 16:9 aspect ratio just resize a video object of the Flash to 16:9 ratio.


AK-Cam - The Ustream and the AdobeFlashMediaLiveEncoder

Broadcasting on the Ustream that uses the AdobeFlashMediaLiveEncoder has not increased quality of broadcasting with the AK-Cam.
I have able to considering some reasons of this problem. But I've not had exact answers. I expect that the cause of this problem occuring with multiple AK-Cam instances with multiple FlashPlayer instances. It is not the concrete answer.
I recommended that you will use the default Ustream's broadcaster or the Ustreams's quality improvement plugin with the AK-Cam.

AK-Cam version 1.0.3 released

This is a minor update.
A guide text added like "Press [ESC] key to exit" on the capture mode screen.
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