The AK-Cam has released

The AK-Cam has released. This is a virtual camera software ( desktop capturing ).
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  • Enable to capture multiple desktop regions ( Max 10 ).
  • Dynamic Frame Editing : Translation, Scaling, Alpha Blending, Chromakey processing.
  • Reflect the editing result in realtime.
  • Add image sources with Drag & Drop in reailtime.
  • Corresponding to the AdobeFlashMediaLiveEncoder(R).
  • Enable to use in major live streaming sites ( Ustream etc. ).
  • Full-function license is enable with minor updates.
  • Computer vision functionalities.
  1. Run the AK-Cam
  2. Open the live streaming site's broadcasting screen.
  3. Select the AK-Cam that will be in the camera list. If the live screen is in sandstorm please restart the AK-Cam. If you could'nt find the AK-Cam in the Cam-list, use the F5-key or restart broadcasting page then the AK-Cam module will be loaded.
  4. Do capture if the live screen is black and if you've seen your capturing result in the live screen, it means that you've succeeded !
  • Watermark will be  printed

I'm welcome to post your suggestions to improve this software. Thanks.

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